July 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Car Buying Articles

Businessmen believe in a simple yet weird fact: how you think about money dictates how your money behaves. While others may think about money in terms of a paycheck that will cover their utility bills or mortgages, businessmen go the extra mile and think of money as a means of building wealth and lifestyle marketing.

Businessmen know money behaves the way they want it to. They think about money as a little seed that can grow over time to make more money. You see, they have a wealth building mentality that attracts money from everywhere. Each time they get more money, they plant another seed to grow even more. And this is what makes it possible for them to have a wonderful life.

Now, they possibly didn’t reach those heights without doing anything right? As mentioned earlier, they developed a lifestyle attraction. So, how did they manage to do this? Well, behind every successful man, there is a super sleek, sexy, and shiny fancy car. Yes, now here’s why. Fancy or perhaps expensive cars are something for people with deeper pockets than the average Joe.

Everybody knows they offer high excellence in terms of beauty, design, speed, and comfort. They come equipped with the most advanced features which perhaps can’t be seen in common cars. They look exceptionally beautiful from the inside as well as on the outside. Not only are they a good investment, but they are also perfect to show off. And this is what helps them make money.

For example, you have an important meeting to attend. Let’s assume the meeting didn’t go as well as expected. The meeting is now over and everyone walks out and towards their car. Now, you are walking towards your car, but you can see everyone is staring at you. Suddenly, the boss comes towards you and says “that’s a nice ride, how much did you get it for?” and you know the car is expensive so you respond, “I got this baby for 60k”.

That’s all you need to say and you will notice the boss taking a sudden interest in you. Now, why is that? Well, that right there is lifestyle attraction. Everybody appreciates a fancy car. Remember, your car defines your personality. And, if you have a dirty, old, poorly maintained vehicle, no one’s going to bat an eyelid for you.

On the other hand, if you have a shiny and sporty fancy car, everyone will take interest in what you have to say. It’s because fancy cars showcase you are a person with a lot of wealth, and businessmen are always in search of people like that. However, it isn’t only the car that matters. Your personality and the way you carry yourself is important too.

When it comes to lifestyle marketing, everything from your car to your shoes carries great significance. You need to dress neatly and decently. You have to keep your car clean. You have to drive like a human and you must maintain your personality. Now, that you know that high end cars do actually help businessmen make money, which luxury car do you think suits you?